Tuesday February 13 2018 (MardiGras) - This is the first new entry of the blog since 2010. For the years in between, we used social media (Facebook) to relay most of the changes that were affecting the station and Pullman.TV. With recent evaluation of the effectiveness of social media I decided to revert back to our older format of having a blog on our website. Between the constant bickering and politics of Facebook, and the constant barrage of ads, it was becoming evident that our messages were getting lost in the shuffle.

I have also included the blog entries from 2006 to 2010 to give you an idea of the initial growth of the operation, our predictions (Ice Age in 2009), our ups and downs, and reflections. Note: Some of the photos and graphics are not available at this time so you will see omissions on the entries.

The early year blogs reflect the location of Petal Mississippi (just east of Hattiesburg). From early March 2012 till the middle of January our operation was located in Ponchatoula, Louisiana. After enduring two floods in 2016 (at our no flood (X) zone) and the resulting rebuild through 2017, and the projection of more of the same, it was decided to move everything to Roland, Arkansas a dry location and much higher elevation.

So this entry reflects the start of a new future. With continuing global weather changes and the definite trend of the developing Ice Age due to low sunspot activity, and increased volcanic activity, we shall add to our every increasing knowledge of weather and its impact on our planet.


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