Friday May 28, 2010 - The first blog of the year and we mark over 4 years of updates - Continuing to fine tune the new gear. Sounds like the line from last fall's blog - heck it is. Yes new gear is here. In fact the past two months have been part of a complete overhaul of the Petal complex. I have reduced the number of computers by over half and switched from CRT's to flat screen. The new power efficient computers have both a smaller electric usage footprint and physical footprint. The cpu power increases have also allowed the integration of all the sensors with better output. This weekend should see the last sensor systems being switched to the new operation. Older equipment will be moved out of the facility over the next few weeks making for a nice concise master control. Also with the new control room I've made a major integration with my ham radio station (KE5JJC). In the case of emergencies like hurricanes and tornadoes this will allow integration of information with emergency management. I'll be revising the website as each stage is completed.


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